Petrified Forest, Flora, MS

First thing in the morning, we had a small cup of continental coffee and a bowl of frosted flakes (yes, just one. Grant didn’t have any). We packed our stuff back into the car and got on our way again.

After a quick stop for some meds for Devlin and a hard push, we made it through some traffic, the panhandle, Mobile and some MORE traffic bringing us to Flora, MS. We arrived later than we had hoped, just before dusk, so we had to get set up before it got dark. We almost made it.


Everything at the site was super wet. We tried and tried, but failed at making a fire. Good thing it was only 65 degrees and we brought a small camp stove for cooking. We had Annie’s chicken noodle soup and it was delicious!

24FCB27D-21A2-4DEA-BBE5-5E09C59B1B3FThe campsite was nice. Well maintained grounds and peaceful atmosphere. There are hookups for motor homes and separate sites for tent camping with electricity. 2DBFFA69-EF4C-4D8F-865B-9CDEAC9337EF


We are working on video… we promise!


2 thoughts on “Petrified Forest, Flora, MS

  1. Oh my god this is so much fun!! I’m having a great time so far in this trip. I know you are too! Keep it coming, love it!


  2. Aww love the stories. Thanks for sharing your adventures with is back home. I would love to be there hahaha! Have fun and be safe!


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