D3: Hot Springs, Arkansas

Day 3

Thursday, March 09, 2017: A quick, but somewhat stressful, 6 1/2 hour drive got us to Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas. The campground was easy to find and we pulled in around 3:30pm with plenty of daylight left to set up our site for the night, though the weather was a little misty and overcast. Hot Springs N. P. works on a first come, first serve system for their camp ground. After some detective work we finally figured out the check in protocol, so first thing to do was find an empty site.

Success! We found an amazing spot by the creek with a picnic table and a charcoal grill. In no time, the tent was set up. We were just about to discuss dinner when a grounds keeper came over and told us we were not in fact IN a camp site, but a picnic area. Then we got to tear the tent down to move. Hooray! …(-_-)

After a short drive around, we found an empty site.

Hot Springs Gould Campground is great… very beautiful setting, clean and the grounds well kept, dog friendly, hookups and paved spots for RV’s, Campers and sleep in vans. For tent camping, its not exactly what you may hope for. Due to the parks regulations you are only allowed to set up tents in the same place you park your RV or Camper Trailer, on the asphalt spaces provided. Asphalt is much harder on the bottom of the tent and you aren’t able to anchor the tent down with stakes. The wind was mild so it may not have been an issue, but we opted not to stay there. We are also trying to keep Devlin as comfortable as possible while hes under the weather. That just works out better for everyone. So, again, we found an inexpensive Red Roof Inn close by. NON-Smoking room this time!

I failed to get photos of the campground in the midst of all the commotion of setting up, tearing down, moving and leaving. Plus, I’m not gonna lie.. I was crabby. -K

Before we hit the sack, we ventured out for some dinner in Downtown Hot Springs. We found a lovely little gem called Maxines.



A fine whiskey selection and a cool spot adorned with vintage beer bottles and cans, random lamps, decks of playing cards push pinned into a low ceiling in the back and literal writing on the wall. They have pool, live music and vintage gaming nights! I’m sure there is something happened most nights of the week, but this is what i can remember the day after.

We ordered the fried pickles and the XXX pizza. So delicious!


Then, B-E-D bed!



2 thoughts on “D3: Hot Springs, Arkansas

  1. Wow! That was one interesting adventure. Can’t believe you set up camp then had to tear it down and go in search of a hotel room. Sounds like you’ll probably get a good night’s sleep anyway! Hope so. Sleep well my loves!


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