D4: Hot Springs, Arkansas *VIDEO*

Day 4


Fantastic decision on our part last night. After a little TLC with Devlin, Everybody got a good nights sleep and was well rested this morning. …Though still mildly crabby on my part. -K

We decided to take care of a couple things and hike today so we planned to stay one more night in Hot Springs.

1 word: Breakfast

3 words: The Pancake Shop

We went back downtown to check out a breakfast place we strolled passed last night after we ate. Who doesn’t love pancakes? It seemed like the obvious choice.

…and he ate all of it too!

Just kidding. Obviously we both had a rather large breakfast. We were hungry and we were going hiking!

After breakfast we drove the one way loop in Hot Springs park. The one lane road takes you winding uphill through the forest and past the overlook tower at the top of the mountain before bringing you back down to town. Very pretty drive, but we were more excited to do some exploring on foot.


We found a metered spot on Fountain Road to park for the hike. The most inexpensive meters I’ve been witness to thus far at .25/hr. Not complaining. Condoning!  We changed our shoes, adjusted our clothing for the cool breezy weather and headed UP.


After a couple crossings of the one lane loop and some meandering through the woods, we made it to the tower at the peak. Upon closer examination we discovered it was a whole gift shop and admission to the top type of thing. We both had left our financials locked in the car, so we would have to return later.


This hike was pretty short, so we decided to wander up and down some other trails. We wanted the exercise and were very much enjoying a beautiful day.







We hiked around for about an hour and a half. We even got in about 5 minutes of trail running. Which was not easy after the month we took off after the 5K in February. I mean.. it wasn’t HARD per say, but… we felt it a little. And it felt good!

On a bit of a mid afternoon break, we took a trip to PetSmart to pick up a couple of things for Devlin. We then gathered up the camera and the money and went back up to the tower.

We climbed and climbed and climbed… 20 flights of stairs (on the outside!) to get to the top.

When you get to the top the observation area is enclosed with 360 degree scenic views of the surrounding area and small exhibits set up with historical information.

That is until we found the last staircase…

Another 10-13 stair climb, and one more door, you’re on the open observation deck.




Cold. Windy. High!

I thought it was hard to look over the edge at the top, but let me tell you… going down the 2o flight staircase was MUCH spookier! -K

Superior Bathhouse Brewery and Distillery @ 1800:

We sat at the window bar and looked out to Central Ave for dinner.

















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