D5-8: Irving, TX

Hi, Friends!

Saturday (3.11.17) we left Hot Springs in the rain and drove 6 hours to Irving (a town outside of Dallas), TX where we were welcomed with open arms by Shirley, James, Logan and Daisy… The Rakestraw’s!


The last few days have been relaxing and fun. Shirley and James took us to check out some of the local flavor. We ate at Babe’s (best fried chicken in Dallas), a family style restaurant with with three meat options and bottomless sides that are shared among the table. For hours leading up to this dinner we listened to rants about how delicious the fried chicken was and it definitely lived up to the hype!

The drive through Arkansas was thick with rock and mineral shops which set me on the search for a piece of Elestial Quartz. We also visited a small apothecary called Here’s To Your Health where I purchased a small grab bag with random goodies inside. Well to my surprise, I found a rather large piece of Elestial Quartz inside of it!

  • Grant wanders off in the Apothecary.
  • Grant finds pine tar soap.
  • Grant finds Elestial Quartz.
  • Grant checks out while Kristen is wandering around like a kid in a candy store.
  • Kristen is enthralled with a $3 grab bag.
  • Grant swipes bag while kristen is distracted by first content.
  • Grant places Elestial Quartz in bag.
  • Grant places bag back on Kristen’s lap.
  • Kristen finds Elestial Quartz in grab bag and loses her shit with excitement.

Followed by talks of universe and santa claus… LOL

Why put it in the bag rather than just giving it to me yourself?

You are hilarious. I LOVE YOU and I LOVE the quartz! Even more so because you gave it to me.

Three times in four days we made an appearance at Free Play (an arcade, craft beer and snack bar) and Cidercade (an arcade inside of a cidery, or the other way around). The vintage arcade trend seems to be popping up like wildfire and I can’t say we are complaining. Oh, is there are place we can go to enjoy a beer and play unlimited video games???  Ummm.. Yes, please! Always, yes.

And now, at Cidercade, feast your eyes upon the most epic game of Jenga we’ve seen so far. Note: we did not play, we just watched it happen!


Thank you James and Shirley for being such good friends and people! We are so grateful for a place to crash, for the personalized city tour and for getting to spend some quality time with your beautiful faces for the first time in 4 years.

Update on Devlin: He is feeling much better after his diet change and some rest and relaxation. I also think he greatly appreciated some dog company too. \

Devlin & Logan – BF’s


Tuesday (3.14.17)

We are currently hanging out in Irving waiting for UPS to deliver our package of NeverWet waterproofing spray. Just, all the problems with that delivery.


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