Camping at Colorado Bend SP, TX

After our wonderful stay with James and Shirley, we headed southwest for Colorado Bend State Park for a night of camping ⛺️ in the Texas wilderness.

We made a pit stop off the highway for gas and saw signs for the ORIGINAL fried pies. No idea what those are. When in Rome! Or, when in Texas, in this case. We were hungry so we shared one sweet and one savory. Similar to a little Debbie apple pie, but fresh. So fried. Not something we would eat often, but definitely worth a sampling. I would have added powdered sugar to the fruit pie, but that’s because my inner child is a happy little fat kid.


Word of advice: If you just so happen to be headed to Colorado Bend State Park through the little town of Hico, forget the pies!


We stopped at The Koffee Kup to fill our Yeti cups with coffee. We found giant donuts, beautiful pies, and the best looking breakfast plates we’ve seen. Wishing we would have waiting another 30 minutes or so to eat, we got one giant donut to share (because how could you not) and two coffees to go. The donut was amazing, the coffee was amazing, I’m sure the rest of the food was amazing as well. We are still talking about their coffee days later!



Hico is an adorable little western town, but more importantly was once home to the infamous Billy The Kid. We stumbled into the Billy The Kid Museum and got an earful from two very charming ladies who were very passionate about the history of Billy The Kid. The museum displays an extensive collection of memorabilia and information. If you are an old cowboy western buff, you would enjoy the stop. Afterwards, you can enjoy a beer at Flacas Fitness and Brews a few doors down.


We arrived at Colorado Bend SP a little after 5pm. Once we got checked in at the parks headquarters we drove to the Windmill Primitive Campground parking lot and quickly gathered our gear. The Windmill campground is a mile hike from the parking lot, so we were racing the sunset at this point. Thankfully the hike out was easy with only mild rises. Our gear is a little heavy because it isn’t EXACTLY made for serious backpacking, but for us it’s doable. At that distance anyway.


We made it to the primitive camping area before the sun drifted off to sleep, so we had time to get the tent set up and get some food made. We collaboratively set up the tent. Then Kristen was on bedding duty, while Grant was working on dinner. The Menu: Ramen!


We have the Primus Yellowstone Classic camp stove that burns Isobutane. The furry one in the group, while tromping around, knocked over the pot of boiling water AND the stove. The water spilled everywhere and the stove flame was burning in an unsavory way! Luckily, Grant had everything under control and managed to shut the stove off and put the fire out. So, if anyone is wondering what happens when the Primus Yellowstone Classic stove gets accidentally knocked over when lit, the fuel continues to disperse and the flame continues to burn, but as soon as you cut the fuel the flame is out. And that’s how Devlin earned himself the nickname Triple D!

The evening air was cool and the view was beautiful. Only two other groups were camping while we were there, so everyone was reasonably spaced out. After dark the sight of the stars was breathtaking.

We didn’t have any problems or run-ins with animals. Though we heard the coyotes a few times off in the distance throughout the night. I guess, no run-ins other than the rustling in the bushes that I was convinced was a panther. Turned out to be an armadillo looking for dinner. Then we was friends! I started to think he was following me.

The temperature dropped over night and we woke up in the morning to rain, wet and clouds. We were fairly dry inside of the tent except for a puddle in the middle of the floor. That may have been cause by the mouthpiece of my pack bladder leaking. Though, we may never know for sure!

IMG_0331*Dry spot under the tent after we packed up.


We packed up and made out way back to the Jeep. After we got out gear packed up, we hiked the Gorman Falls trail, even though it was raining and muddy. The last stretch of the trail was rocky and steep. The rain made it pretty slick, so it was a bit of a challenge to get down and then back up again.

The Gorman Falls were beautiful and unexpected for the terrain. The park leads guided tours through them, and after seeing them would have loved to do that. If we are out that way again we will plan ahead a little better.

We were supposed to hike in and camp at Enchanted Rock, but due to the current circumstances we opted to find a hotel for the night to dry out our gear and get cleaned up.


3 thoughts on “Camping at Colorado Bend SP, TX

  1. Loved this one. From stories I’ve been told from my boyfriend* the koffee kup family restaurant used to be the koffee kup kafe – which they ended up changing do to implied associations to the kkk.

    *not sure how reliable his is. Lol


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