Marathon, TX

3.16.17 – Part 2

For a quick recap –

We skipped camping at Enchanted Rock because of the rain.

Booked a room at the Days Inn of Sonora, TX where a billboard to Sonora Caverns was right in our face.

Bought some local beer to drink in the room which led to a facebook post.

Caitlyn saw the post and asked if we were going to see the caves.

After two suggestions and a close drive we can’t NOT go.

At the Caves we met Thomas, who tied into the previous nights camping trip.

We talked about our plans. He and his girlfriend had taken a similar trip and thats how he ended up guiding cave tours. He suggested we not take i10 and drive 90 instead because its more scenic. We did. It was.

That led us to the second gas stop we saw in a LONG, LONG time. We stopped to fill up and noticed a pizza place across the street. We were hungry and we love pizza, so why not!

As we were leaving we met Steve. A traveling writer living part time in an RV behind the pizza joint. We chatted for a bit. As we were leaving I asked him if he ever sees UFO’s out that way. He told me no, but there was the Marathon Motel and RV Park just up the street and the owner is really into astronomy and hosts star parties on clear nights. If we were headed that way anyway he suggested we stop in and see if they were going to pull out the telescopes.

We did.

I think the owner was out of town and the star party was up in the air (no pun intended) due to some mild cloud coverage. We decided to take a chance, make camp and stay for the night.

Turned out to be the right decision. The clouds cleared and some people gathered to chat about space. Then we met Bill. One of Bill’s hobbies is imaging of deep space.  Basically using a telescope, a computer and a camera to take photos of deep space. Obviously there is a lot more to it than that, but you get the gist. Bill showed us the private telescope observatory they have set up on the property fully equip with a rollback roof. He also showed us the imagery he was currently working on. Deep space imagery just may be in my future. So cool!

After a good nights rest in the Bastion 4, we awoke to a beautiful sunrise in very pretty scenery. We also realized, we didn’t actually find the tent camping area, we just sorta set the sent up in a random spot. It was dark. There are actually raised tent pads to set up on meandering through some foliage, picnic areas and water features. We will do it right next time. Maybe.


The Marathon Motel and RV park was really awesome. My kind of campground for sure. Chill and laid back. Well kept. Spacious. Privately owned. Feels like a little community rather than just a bunch of people crowding into an acre of land with their tents and RV’s. If you’re headed through the area and need a place to crash, its a great stop. If you want a room you may have to make reservations ahead of time. The rooms were all booked the night we rolled in.


Off to find breakfast…











2 thoughts on “Marathon, TX

  1. It’s so funny that you set up your tent in that random sandy spot! You must have been really tired :D! Sounds like you are having lots of fun and enjoying the adventures of your mega road trip! Love ya’ll and miss ya! Be safe and keep having fun! Tell Devlin I miss my grand dog too!


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