Sonora Caverns, TX


Exhausted after all the hiking, we drove a while and stopped at the Days Inn off HWY 10 in Sonora, TX. From the parking space outside of our hotel room I could see a billboard for the Sonora Caverns. We were just talking about cave tours earlier, so the billboard intrigued me a bit. A friend sent a message on Facebook asking if we were going to check out the caverns while we are here ( Hi, Caitlyn! ). Turns out The Caverns were only a 20 minute drive from where we were so we decided to check them out. How could we not?

We had no idea where this day was going to lead….

Our tour guide at the Caverns was named Thomas Gorman. His grandfather a few generations back is the one Gorman Falls in Colorado Bend State Park was named after. Small world! Thomas was very knowledgable and passionate about geology and excited to be doing what he’s doing. His tour was fun, relaxed, informative and witty.

The rest of this post is going to be mostly photos, I’m not gonna lie. Those photos won’t do the caverns the justice it deserves. If you happen to be in Sonora, Texas, I highly recommend taking a short drive to tour the caverns. Highly recommend! We both really enjoyed seeing and learning about the crystal caverns.


I took so many pictures in these caverns. This is just a taste. I don’t want to give it all away!

Holy crap, Caitlyn, yeah, they are really F-ing cool! If you hadn’t sent me that comment, we probably would not have gone! So, thank you! If you make it down to Sonora with your boyfriend sometime, you should definitely stop and take the tour.

This is why its important for people to be involved!

Seeing how everything is connected is always fun. One thing led to another and the day got even more interesting after that…









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