We crossed the border into New Mexico this morning and decided to stop in Carlsbad at the caverns. The weather in southern New Mexico was very hot.  We walked around in the visitor center a little bit to check it out, but couldn’t tour the caverns this time because of Devlin. Leaving an animal in the car at the park is prohibited due to the heat and zero shade coverage, but they do have a kennel if you do decide to travel with your dog. We opted out of the kennel and the tour this time around. The view from the visitor center is cool because the elevation is so high, but its all a big, dry desert. as far as you can see.


We found these guys at the mini town before you head up into the mountains. I had to get a photo.


A few hours later, and one stop at McAlister’s Deli for lunch, we made it to Roswell, NM. We took some time to stroll around the UFO Museum and Research Center, because, of course! The museum has oodles of info and testimonials on the crash that took place in Corona in 1947. You’ll find an impressive mix of personal testimonials from witnesses and “official” government issued stories.


In the UFO Museum and Research Center you will also find comparisons of authentic and manipulated sighting photos, as well as a list of documented sightings. One thing I found particularly interesting was the information they had on the mathematics and geography of crop circles. New mathematical equations have been discovered by studying the geometry of crop circles. There’s a video that plays on loop, but we got there later in the afternoon so we spent our time reading and checking out the displays.


This is a pretty elaborate display they’ve put together in the museum. Every 15 minutes or so the ships light up, smoke comes out of the bottom and the ET’s heads move. Pretty cool!

If you happen to be traveling with a dog, the museum is pet friendly. Devlin came in with us, got doted over and took naps while we read. He was unaffected by the moving display.


After a tour of the museum we continued on to Taos, NM. We arrived at dark, but woke up to a town nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Taos is small and quirky with skiing, artists and Adobe style architecture in almost every direction. Just on the outskirts of town we passed a whole neighborhood of Earthships! If you are unaware of that term, Earthships are self sustainable homes that appear to be built as an extension of earth with natural and recycled material. This was the first time I had seen these buildings in real life, but typically they all look like individual works of art. If you want more info, you can check out Earthship Biotecture.

We stayed for a much needed rest and to catch up on some blogging and trip maintenance for two days.


Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. You probably can’t fully respect the height from the photo, but it was a little knee shaking for me. I’m not the biggest fan of heights. After a few minutes on the bridge I could relax a little and look over the railing. Don’t look down, the best view is straight ahead. It’s really fun when semi trucks drive over the two lane bridge while you’re standing at the viewing area. The whole bridge shakes and vibrates quite noticeably. I did it… so you can do it… worth the view!



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