Relaxing Pit Stop in Durango, Or…..

Somewhere around 3 weeks in we find ourselves in Durango, CO for a break from driving and a bit of herbal refreshment. We got were set to leave early day 2 and the universe had other plans. The check engine light came on. (EEK!) We spent a fair bit of effort preparing for what might come before leaving Tampa. We had the Jeep checked out at a trusted mechanic to make sure everything was safe in an attempt to catch any major problems early on, but sometimes things are out of our hands.

The time was early, the day was Saturday and we had to find a mechanic that was open and available. A quick google search tells us we have roughly two choices. We decided to try Alpine Auto Doctors to see if we could shine some light on this disruption.

Gary used his extra special computer code reader to figure out the problem. Three minutes later, the results and us were not about to start a love affair any time soon. We had transmission trouble, differential fluid was leaking out of the axle and the radiator cracked and was crying out coolant all over the place.

Well, we can’t keep driving around like that! Looks like we will be hanging out in Durango a few more days.

That being said, the guys at Alpine Auto Doctors were great, very knowledgeable and they truly care about people. We felt we were in good hands. A thing very much appreciated so far from home. If you live in the area or are just traveling through and need auto mechanical expertise, stop in and see Scott and Gary. They are ASE Certified and specialize in Subaru’s, but did a smashing job on the Jeep. Thank you!!





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