The Sedona Chapter: PT 1

We had a few campsites we were looking forward to visiting in Arizona, but due to the delay with repairs to the Jeep we reluctantly had to cancel some and reschedule the one site we could.

Can’t keep us down long… Next stop, Sedona!

After a long morning of waiting for repairs to be done on the Jeep, we had a long afternoon/evening of driving! We arrived in Sedona a little after 9PM to a very busy town. Rooms was pricey so we tried to get away from the main strip as best we could given the hour and our energy levels. We ended up booking the very last room at the Best Western Plus Inn. The property is dog friendly. Though quite a bit pricier than we are used to, it was still in the lower end of the pricing spectrum for the area. And a bit swanky… for this trip anyway. Not that I’m complaining! Once checked in, the next thing on the agenda was to feed our faces.

What’s open at this hour on a Monday…

The only place still feeding the late diners and poor planners was Cafe Paleo Brio. They were open for the next 25 minutes, but luckily it was close by. The outside appearance didn’t look like much, but step through the door into what I can only describe as a small, elaborately decorated, hipster spin on the rain forest cafe. From what I remember, due to the theme, Cafe Paleo Brio was basically grain-free food for people. That coming from the owners of a dog with a very specific diet.



We ordered food to go and headed back to the room to enjoy our dinner. Our meals were plated (boxed) beautifully and tasted delicious. I could have taken pictures, but I didn’t think about it until at least half had been gobbled up. You’re just going to have to trust me. I don’t really think that’s too much to ask.

**Unrelated side note: I realize in writing this blog, my typing skills are absolutely terrible. I probably delete and rewrite two to three times what I’m actually trying to say due to errors. So if you find a typo, remember… it’s a very small fraction of the mistakes I’ve actually made. I blame constantly typing everything with my thumbs. That’s where we are people!

Bedtime… in the most comfortable bed so far… in my life.

Goodnight friends!
















3 thoughts on “The Sedona Chapter: PT 1

  1. Hello this is Matt and Photo Dog Jackson. Thanks for the kind note and sorry about the delay on answering. We started following you on Instagram and love your site. Are ou on Facebook also, we both have pages there also. Take care and safe travels!


    1. Hey!! So good to hear from you! We are on Facebook just as ourselves… Grant Bredeson and Kristen LaMura. Most of the real posting gets done on this blog, instagram and YouTube. Grant does the video and I typically write the blog. We’ve gotten so behind, but I am working on it! Safe travels to you as well! We are in Northern California at the moment.


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