Sedona & The Healing Vortex

Sedona, Arizona – March 2017

Woke up this morning to the best nights sleep I’ve had in my conscious memory. WIN!


Nothing like arriving in the dark and waking up in the morning to these views.

The area of Sedona is known at the Healing Vortex. While the whole area is considered to be very high energy, there are a few spots where the energy flow in and out of the earth is even stronger. We got our hiking gear on and set out for a hike and if we were lucky, stumble upon of of these vortexes.

We visited the park service and learned there are four known vortexes whose general position are mapped out near popular hiking trails.IMG_1022 The Bell Rock Trail and Vortex was the one we chose to explore a little more in depth. Whether our not a vortex is something that smacks you in the face, it was a really beautiful day for a hike and we were excited to get our boots dirty in the red sand.




As we got closer we saw some tiny little people at the very top of the rock formation. Of course the next thought to follow was, can we get up there too? All of that heightened energy had us feeling uplifted a maybe a little bit feisty. We would give it a go.

Off we went meandering mindlessly and intuitively. Taking our time to enjoy the scenery and to be in the moment. Taking care to feel our footing and connect with the earth beneath our feet. Slowly finding our own way up.
Eventually we fell into a groove and the way to the top became a little easier. There are some trail markers scattered about, but you have to be in the right place to find them. So we discovered.

I’m still not completely sure there is a right way up, but part of the magic was found in everyone wandering and finding their own experience up the rocks.

The trails were very busy despite being there in the morning on a weekday.
We didn’t rush in the morning. We woke up, got dressed and had coffee and breakfast before setting out, but earlier is definitely better.

As we climb the scenery becomes even more vast and the ground we started on gradually falls farther and farther away.

I don’t pretend to be the best with heights and we are just about getting to that point where I’m having a hard time looking back the way we came. I.E. Down.


We made it to this lovely picture window in the rocks where Grant wanted his picture taken. Let me assure you, just on the other side of that picture window is the fast track back down to the bottom. That being said, we had plenty of flat footing to stand on with no loose rocks and we were completely safe. Hi, Mom!

I did stop to take my first, what I like to call a “surroundings adjustment break.” Or something equally as clever.


And heres my second surrounds adjustment break. Eventually…
I was brave enough to climb up here. I say climb, but it was a more like a walk.


I think this little peak is known as Meditation Point. I remember seeing that in someone else’s blog about the vortex hikes. Once I reached the top, that made sense. Perfect little flat to sit on top of with amazing views. Plus, there are symbols drawn all around and evidence of a small fire built there.


Grant is a little braver than me and climbed a little higher. He got this great panoramic photo from there. Where those people are sitting, while that’s not me, is where I made it too. I’m still pretty impressed with myself. Does this count as doing something that scares you??

We did it! Yay!


We spent the next few hours hiking around the area.

We didn’t find one specific spot that was the “vortex”, but the whole area is highly saturated with energy that leaves you feeling light, airy and happy. The foliage and rock glow with life and some of the cacti and grasses appear almost bioluminescent.


Love & Light. XOXO




2 thoughts on “Sedona & The Healing Vortex

  1. Hi! What a cool place to get out and explore! Looks like it was both rewarding and a little challenging! Thanks for sharing the beautiful story and pictures 🙂


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