The Grand Canyon – Arizona

Grand Canyon, South Rim & Village – Arizona


We’ve found a wonder!

After exploring the Sunset Crater area, we made our way to The Grand Canyon later that afternoon. You know you are going to see a canyon and you can speculate on how gargantuan it actually is in person, but the first sight of it will still take your breath away.



We made our initial point of contact The Watchtower. This is the first parking area you come to when entering the park on 64 from the eastern side. There is a staircase that will take you to the top viewing space, but we opted out of that climb this time.

Near the Watchtower you’ll find restrooms, a gift shop, a market, a snack bar and many picnic areas and benches to leisurely take in the views.IMG_1296



We spent a little while checking out the scenery, taking tons of pictures and trying to believe our eyes before making a stop at the snack bar. Because we are hungry everywhere we go, all the time. Food!


We continued on and stopped at most of the viewing spots along the road, one seemingly more fantastical than the last.


Most of these viewing spots have no guard rails. If you are really daring, you could sit right on the edge, though I’m good a few feet back. Its a long way down!

The Grand Canyon is one of a handful of certified Dark Sky parks in the Country. We had made reservations to camp here a couple of months ago, but due to the delay in Durango with the Jeep repairs, we reluctantly had to cancel. The campground was booked up until May. Plan ahead! We tried obviously, but things happen.

Devlin was welcome at the Mather campground and named trails above the rim. If you want to hike down into the canyon, you will have to leave your dog behind. The park has a kennel near the Village you can use for boarding while out on day excursions if you so choose.

One thing I don’t remember seeing in pictures of the Grand Canyon, trees! The surrounding area is pine forest. Many places during the drive through the park you cant even see the canyon because of the trees. I wasn’t expecting that, so I thought was kind of cool. A mini surprise inside a great big one!

And, I’m adding this because its part of the adventure, Devlin got a little sick and we had a clean up party on the side of the road. What a mess. (>_<) Could have been worse, but it is what it is.

That just about brings us to sunset at the Grand Canyon. No longer having a camp site reservation, it is time to press on


Let’s stop in Page for the evening.. seems quiet.


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