Zion, Virgin, ETs and Such

What we thought to be the quiet little town of Page turned out to be extremely busy! We almost didn’t get a room for the night. Every hotel in town was booked solid except for a Travelodge with two very stressed out front desk attendants and a very long line in the lobby. Page sits on the south side of Lake Powell, a popular destination for vacationers. Seems we made it there just in time for peak season. Or at least that’s what I overheard someone say. We just needed a place to sleep and we were off in the morning, first thing.

IMG_1158We drove a couple of hours to Zion National Park to take in the sights. I realized

afterwards that I didn’t get many photos of Zion, due to the fact that I was driving and that we did only that. We took a drive through the park. We did manage to get a fair amount of video, so stay tuned for the (prerecorded)live-action version. Again, hiking with Devlin was not allowed except on a trail or two. Zion NP was extremely crowded. We wanted to camp, but they weren’t taking reservations ahead of time and all campgrounds were full.


Like most of the national parks we’ve visited, the inside of the park is a surprise based on the surrounding landscape. You think to yourself, “I was just a mile that way and none of this existed there.”



Large rocks, steep cliffs on the side of winding road, a rather long(but awesome) tunnel, and goats!

Through winding roads of traffic we made our way to the other end of Zion National Park. We stopped in the visitor center to get the cancellation for the passport book Grant’s mother gifted to us. We ended our visit at the brewery and cafe, sitting on the patio with Devlin, filling out post cards.



I’m not 100% sure what this place was, but we passed it in Virgin, Utah. I think some sort of family fun center, open during the summer months. Looked like fun, or maybe interesting is a better word.


Our next park visit will be Death Valley. Since we weren’t able to camp at the park as we hoped, we will just keep driving and see where we end up. We decided to forgo a stop in Las Vegas to drive the Extraterrestrial Highway through the south end of Nevada. State Route 25A runs through mostly desert with the Town of Rachel somewhere in the middle. Travelers have reported UFO sightings and other strange activity over the years, so Nevada decided to officially designate this route as the Extraterrestrial Highway.

By the time we reached this desolate stretch of road we were a couple of hours into night. It was overcast and windy. So incredibly windy. Sadly, I have no crazy stories to report. We didn’t encounter so much as a bunny on the side of the road. We are running low on gas, and we are getting quite sleepy, so the hunt for a place to sleep for the night is on.

Beatty was the first small town we we came across with anything substantial. Shouldn’t be too difficult to find a room. We were wrong again! Four hotels in town, every last one of them completely sold out. We stopped in a casino hotel with a Denny’s and ate some hot food so we could better devise our next plan. Turns out our next plan is to park in a truck rest lot across the street and sleep in the Jeep. I wish I had gotten a picture of the Jeep lined up next to these giant semi trucks. Hilarious. Grant stayed awake most of the night, just in case, and let me sleep.


Night, Night!


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